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Dhamma Guna View
Dhamma Guna View

Dhamma Guna has been offering Vipassana courses from March 2013 onwards to date. So far (till August 2015), 15 10-day courses and 6 3-day courses have been organized at the site. Prior to this, about 7-to-8 gypsy courses have been held at various odd-places in Guna (between 2003 and 2013). There are about 150 local meditators in the city of Guna and 10 meditators in the village of Pagara.

Facilities: Constructed facilities at the site include a 38 X 27 feet Dhamma hall, 9 male and 9 female residences, 2 Common toilets, a Dining hall, Male and Female AT residences, Male and Female Dhamma server residences and staff residential quarters.

The Dhamma hall is spacious and can seat 50 meditators easily. Of the 9 residences on either side, 6 are double bed residences, making for a capacity of 15 each on either side and a total of 30. There are separate residences for male and female ATs and Dhamma servers. All residences are attached with individual bathrooms.

There is a tube well in the campus which ensures provision of water to small overhead water tanks. There are RO filtered water systems on both sides which ensure pure drinking water to the meditators. Solar panels ensure hot water availability in the residences themselves to the meditators. Invertors ensure provision of regular power in the Dhamma hall, residences and Dining hall.